Police urge Westhoughton public to keep reporting crime following recent breakthroughs

Continue Reporting Crime In Westhoughton

Continue Reporting Crime In Westhoughton

Useful Contact Numbers
  • Crimestoppers 0800 555 111
  • Police non-emergency 101
  • Greater Manchester Victims’ Services 0161 200 1950
  • Bolton Council 01204 333333
  • Contour Housing 0345 602 1120
  • Environmental Services 01204 336632
  • Neighbourhood Nuisance ASB 01204 328143
  • Age Concern 01204 382411
  • Citizens Advice 0344 488 9622

POLICE have urged the Westhoughton community to continue reporting crime in Westhoughton ensure crimes are reported following a number of breakthroughs in recent cases.

Sgt Loraine Lister made the appeal in an update to members of Westhoughton Town Council at a meeting on Monday night.

It follows increased concern about crime in the town after a number of incidents, including a four-man armed robbery at Hays Travel in January.

Sgt Lister said: “The general perception is that there has been a large increase in reported crime to the police but from looking at the figures, there has been very little change.

“The perception is a lot higher than what has been recorded. So the main drive is to try and increase reporting to 101 because it is the only facility to generate crime reporting.

“What we have found in Westhoughton is that the community knows things and they get frustrated they don’t see a police officer and then do not report things.

“We need the community to report things to 101.”

Four people were arrested following the incident at Hays Travel, which was allegedly carried out with axes.

The group were reported to have broken through the front door and demanded staff members hand over all the money from the office before they ran off.

And Scott Robinson from Washacre, known as a prolific offender in the Westhoughton area, was recently sentenced in court for several theft and burglary offences. The 40-year-old was given a 42-month jail term.

Sgt Lister admitted that good news stories like these needed to be communicated to the public more and said steps were being taken to address this.

She said: “We are responding more to the fact that people do want to know what we’re doing and that we have good news to share.

“Some of those good news stories have only come about because people have reported it to the police in the first place.

“We are reliant on our social media. Our staff can not do it, we have to ask our operational support officers or hub staff.

“We are going on a course to learn how to do it ourselves. We are seeing the benefit of putting more information out and putting out good news stories.”

Members of the town council praised officers for their response to residents’ concerns.

Cllr Jack Speight thanked the officers for taking the time out to attend the meeting.

He said: “It is always nice to get feedback for the community. There have also been some nice comments from people who are pleased to see more visible policing in the community, which reassures people.

“It is always nice to see that. You can not beat having a bobby on the beat.”

Source: The Bolton News

Continue Reporting Crime In Westhoughton

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