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Westhoughton Community Hub, born of the desire to both continue and build on a network that was being run on behalf of Bolton Council, supported by outside bodies such as Bolton at Home and Bolton CVS, whose aim was to improve lives on the Washacre estate in Westhoughton; when funding was no longer available and the service was to cease, a number of local groups attending thought it would be good to continue.

The idea being that as a sizeable, independent town with a variety of community groups doing good work, having the support and profile of a Westhoughton-wide community network could be beneficial. Westhoughton Community Network (WCN) could be an informal, community-centric collection of the voluntary and community organisations across the town that would be run for and by participating local groups. It would also be independent of both council, political structures and sector agencies.

Enthused and starting small, known group representatives were contacted with the idea of what WCN was hoping to achieve and invited to a first meeting of which the aim was to establish, give form to and set some objectives for the new network.

Meetings of the Westhoughton Community Network take place quarterly at venues around Westhoughton, with local groups providing the venue and facilities. This helps spread the cost of holding meetings, and also introduces venues and group ‘homes’ to other members of the network, which is proving a good way of raising awareness of the variety of groups and activities in the town. WCN does not receive any public funding and survives thanks to the goodwill of individuals and support of its members.

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Westhoughton Community Hub
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Westhoughton Community Hub

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