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Simple But Effective Crime Prevention Advice


Take care of your vehicles; by far the most prevalent offence of theft from motor vehicles is where the owner leaves the doors unlocked. Criminals will literally walk around trying car doors knowing that they will find one unlocked, this means they do not have to break glass causing noise or carry implements for which they can be arrested.

  1. Remove belongings, if there is nothing on view in the vehicle to tempt a thief it is more than likely that they will move on to another more attractive target, and if this is adopted by all your neighbours, thieves tend to target a more productive area.
  2. Car keys, please put your car keys in a safe place in your home, do not leave them by the front door as these can be reached by use of a hook and cane, also don’t leave them in view of a window, as this allows thieves to make a quick entry without having to search for the keys.


  1. Please ensure that you lock all exterior doors AND windows, many crimes take place due to insecurities, try to get yourself into a routine of checking that your doors and windows are locked, this will prevent them from being forgotten about.
  2. As with your cars please put house keys in a safe place out of view, leaving them in a door makes it easy for them to get in if a window is nearby. It’s also easy for them to get out and remove larger items from the house.
  3. Don’t allow thieves to window shop, when you retire for the night close curtains or remove things like laptops, purses and the like from view, again don’t make a tempting target.
  4. Sometimes garages and sheds are forgotten about, as if you are like me you will have various tools and the like which cost a lot to replace, again keep sheds and garages closed and locked when not in use, I know It can be a pain but not as much as arguing with your house insurer to replace them.
  5. Now the dark evenings are upon us if possible leave a light on in the house if you are going out. Or use a timer switch so if there is a criminal walking around they will think that you are at home and will try somewhere else.
  6. Please use the attached sheet for recording your property. This could be helpful when property is recovered by the police and it can be returned to you.


  1. By far the most important advice is to be aware of your surroundings, avoid walking into dark deserted area’s alone.
  2. Don’t advertise. Don’t leave valuable personal items on show; things like mobile phones, purses and cash make tempting targets.
  3. Do not leave you bags unattended or over the back of chairs when out, the same applies for jackets with wallets and purses in the pockets.
  4. It’s also a good idea to separate large amounts of cash from cards, so if the worst happens you don’t lose it all.

Please remember that this is just general advice, which covers a wide range of incidents that have occurred in the past, and not particularly in your area. There is no need to worry about any of the above points, however, it is helpful to raise your awareness and pass advice gained from isolated incidents.

Greater Manchester Police are working hard to keep your area safe and peaceful, and with your help and support we can continue to achieve our aims. We are running many initiatives to deter and prevent the types of fore-mentioned incidents occurring.

As a result please feel free to contact us with any issues that are affecting you or your neighbours or for further crime prevention advice. We can be reached on the below number or just stop us in the street, alternatively you can visit the GMP web site gmp.police.uk.

Bolton South
0161 856 5608


Useful Contact Numbers

  • Crimestoppers 0800 555 111
  • Police non-emergency 101
  • Greater Manchester Victims’ Services 0161 200 1950
  • Bolton Council 01204 333333
  • Contour Housing 0345 602 1120
  • Environmental Services 01204 336632
  • Neighbourhood Nuisance ASB 01204 328143
  • Age Concern 01204 382411
  • Citizens Advice 0344 488 9622


Westhoughton is situated approximately 2 miles south west of Bolton and approximately 12 miles from Manchester. Frequent bus services and the rail network provide easy access to the neighbouring towns and cities.

Westhoughton is conveniently situated for the M61 Manchester/Preston motorway.

Manchester City Airport (Barton) is the nearest Municipal airport and caters for light domestic, helicopter traffic and sports flying. This can be reached via the M61 and M60. Manchester International Airport (Ringway) is Manchester’s national and international hub, and connects Manchester with the rest of the UK and the world at large. This can be reached via the M61, M60 and M56.

The population of the town is approximately 25,000.

Market days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.


The name Westhoughton is derived from the Old English, “halh” (dialectal “haugh”) for a nook or corner of land, and “tun” for a farmstead or settlement – meaning a “westerly settlement in a corner of land”. It has been recorded variously as Halcton in 1210, Westhalcton in 1240,Westhalghton in 1292, Westhalton in 1302 and in the 16th century as Westhaughton and Westhoughton

The people of Westhoughton are known as “Howfeners” or “Keawyeds” (cow heads) or a combination of the two “Keawyedners”, and the town is known as “Keawyed City”. Supposed folklore (“re-invented” in the Edwardian period) describes a farmer who found his cow with its head stuck in a five barred gate, and, rather than damage the gate, cut the cow’s head off, as the cow cost less than the gate. The Village of Tideswell in Derbyshire shares this same legend.

Map of the District

Map Of Westhoughton

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